Metal Structures at Gromov Laser Cutting

Gromov Laser Cutting Centre manufactures wide range of metal structures. Serving the needs of our customers we can meet requirements of any complexity, size and form. We have manufactured metal structures for a wide variety of industries, including metal industry, heavy engineering, automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, engineering, medicine and architecture. We have proven our ability to meet the needs of large scale customers, such as big plants and factories, as well as small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Gromov Laser Cutting Centre produces parts for vehicles and machinery, assembly lines and carriers, engineering tools and elevators. Our portfolio includes cabinets for power supply stations, electrical cabinets, parts for food industry equipment and medical equipment. Our Centre creates metal structures for customized architecture designs and provides solutions for individual projects, such as ventilated facades and landscape architecture designs.

We have successfully mastered innovative construction development – we offer manufacturing and assembly of fast-track buildings.

For bulk orders we produce consumer goods including lamp bodies and components, ATM boxes, decorative metal fences, tabletops, barbecues and more.

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Metal structures at Gromov Centre are designed on 3D modeling software. We also bring to life customers’ individual designs. Our engineers assess submitted drawings, give feedback and make design clarifications and corrections if required. This helps us to get optimal calculations for all parts and components, which enables quick and easy assembly of the finished product by bolts and T-slots (by ‘puzzle’ principle).

All welding joints are performed in protective gas (mixture of 5%CO2 and 95% argon) by Fronius welder, a world leader in welding, providing perfect seams.

We also offer an option of painting or polishing/satin-finishing the structure if it is manufactured from stainless steel.

Customized stairs

The staircase is an important architectural element in any home, office or cottage that has more than one floor. A staircase is an impressive focal point which shapes the idea of the interior design and the house itself. Our products will help you express your creativity and individuality.

Gromov Company is committed to maintaining high quality standards. We have spent years learning how to serve the needs of our customers. We have built a team of highly qualified professionals who can ensure that your staircase meets or exceeds your expectations. We offer diverse range of styles, shapes and design for your staircase as well as ample choice of material: wood, stone, metal or glass. Our engineers will help you make an optimal choice to your requirements.

Our company has made Nikolaev the center of customizes stairs manufacturing. Kharkov, Odessa, Nikolaev, Dnepr… no matter where you live – now you can purchase your staircase without leaving home.

Gromov Centre guarantees high level of quality and durability for our staircases and testimonials of our customers are the best recognition of our expertise and reliability.

Продукцию компании «Gromov» отличает оригинальность, эксклюзивный дизайн и долговечность. Наши лестницы (Днепр) способны удовлетворить запросы и пожелания самых требовательных клиентов, для которых неповторимый внешний вид и качество превыше всего. С помощью технологов компании Вы с легкостью подберете конструкцию и материал лестницы. Николаев, благодаря нашей компании, стал центром производства эксклюзивных лестниц. Вас приятно удивит наш деловой подход, сроки исполнения заказа и аккуратность при монтаже. Лестницы, произведённые компанией «Gromov» – это изделия премиум-класса, которые будут радовать вас на протяжении долгих лет. Лучшим признанием нашего профессионализма и ответственности являются положительные отзывы клиентов. 


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