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Laser Cutting in Agricultural Machinery

Laser cutting technology is an ideal choice for fabrication of agricultural machinery due to its superior quality, high speed and cost-effectiveness. With years of experience in metal processing for farming vehicles and machinery Gromov Company offers our customers

  • cutting sheet metal into workpieces;
  • production of elements of any complexity based on custom drawings;
  • design of elements, components, hulls and machinery for further processing on our equipment.


We operate on the best machines of the European technology leader, Trumpf Company (including laser cutting machines TC L 3030, 3050, Trumabend V130 Press Brake), which ensure equal accuracy and quality for one-piece and large-lot production. Advanced technologies provide solutions to any requirements and ensure repetitive fabrication with precision up to 0.1mm.

However, the tried-and-tested equipment is not the only key to achieving the best results. The team of experts with knowledge and 20-years’ experience dedicated to developing the best solutions ensures great results on all stages of manufacturing process from product design and development to operating complex machines and systems.



Fabrication of a great number of components for combine harvesters, tractors, cultivators, trucks, seed drills and heavy equipment on laser cutting systems has some key advantages over traditional mechanical techniques. Mechanical processing of tools and components requires a lot of time and increases manufacturing cost. By using laser cutting for sheet steel processing you will get high quality and productivity. Versatility of the laser beam, computer control of the process and no need for tooling make laser cutting more cost-effective in the long run. For this reason, using this technology you will get such components as seed plates, harrow discs, screens, gear wheels, blades, impellers, flanges, chains, wearing parts and other elements of farming machines (including tractors, combine harvesters, conveyor machines, etc.) much quicker and more cost effectively.


Our company can fabricate a wide variety of products for agricultural machinery:

  • blades, discs, ploughs, flanges, vacuum disc filters for seed drills, harrows, elements for cultivators, rings, gaskets, blind plugs, washer rings, clamps, etc.;
  • gear wheels for conveyor machines, elements for combine harvester bodies, reinforcing elements for grain truck bodies, chains for conveyor machines, grids, reinforcing ribs, brackets, key steels;
  • complex formed parts with straight and curved contour, perforated parts, etc.


When fabricating components for agricultural machinery we use our laser equipment to its full potential. High speed and precision are the great advantages of laser technology when it comes to drilling holes. Unlike with mechanical drilling methods, a laser beam allows for the smallest holes to be done quickly and easily. Drilling speed depends on the material being cut and its thickness.


  • Sheet metal thickness: 0.5-25mm
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum;
  • Sheet size: 1500mmx3000mm;
  • Laser power: 3kW/5kW;
  • Tolerance: 0.1mm


Most components for agricultural machinery and equipment are fabricated by means of cold bending. Gromov Company uses modern manufacturing equipment - Trumabend V130 Press Brake - to provide high product quality and precision. CNC control allows our engineers to simulate the whole bending process and program it with 3D visualization, which eliminates the chance of human error. Automatic crowning ensures consistent bend angle over the full length of the part; while a variety of press brake tooling (punches and dies) provides solutions for different metal thickness, bend angle and radius.  


  • Superior quality of sheet metal fabrication operations (laser cutting, bending, assembly and welding).
  • Time-saving and cost-effective approach.
  • Discounts for bulk orders.

Submit your drawings in AutoCAD, *dxf format or specify your requirements, and our engineers will computer design your components. We work with both customer-supplied or our own material. For more information and cost calculation send your answers, requirements and drawings and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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