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Laser cutting

Welcome to Gromov Laser Cutting Centre


We provide our customers with top quality sheet metal laser cutting, bending and designing services. With high precision machine tools from Germany we are equipped to rise up to any engineering challenge.


German laser-cutting CNC machine


We make drawings; calculate the cost of cutting and materials used


We cut metal on laser machines


We deliver products within 1-3 working days via delivery companies across Ukraine. International shipping on demand


Metal Laser cutting

  • Metal thickness, mm
    0.5 - 20
  • Non-ferrous metals
    Stainless steel, zinc steel, aluminium
  • Working area, X axis
    3000 mm
  • Working area, Y axis
    1500 mm
  • Laser power
    3 kW
  • Precision
    0,1 mm
  • Система управления ЧПУ

Sheet Metal Bending

  • Metal sheet thickness
    0.1 to 12 mm
  • Maximum length of bend
    3000 mm
  • Beam stroke
  • Positions of die
  • Bending aid
  • CNC back gauge axes
  • Bend digital sensors, pcs

Metal Structures

We offer wide range of metal structures from server cabinets to industrial support steel structures.

About our Centre

Gromov Laser Cutting Centre has been a successful player in Ukrainian metalwork market since 1999. With over 19 years of experience we are experts at metal laser cutting, bending and welding. We manufacture products that meet or exceed expectations. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best quality products at competitive prices. Superior quality of our products is guaranteed by the team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, automated manufacturing process, advanced technologies and equipment from the top high-tech European companies (Trumpf, Fronius, Zuhner, and Fein).

All these years we have been motivated by the words of Charles Alexandre de Calonne – If it is possible, it is done; if impossible, it shall be done – and have made them our motto.

We are committed to development and progress. Our engineers regularly upgrade their skills, exchange experience with top European specialists in metalwork and machinery and visit international exhibitions. By modernizing production and investing into advanced manufacturing techniques and processes we ensure the highest levels of product quality to be achieved.

Order metalwork from Gromov Laser Cutting Centre and get best value for money.

Закажите изделия из металла в Центре лазерной резки «Gromov», и останетесь довольны сотрудничеством с нами.


Superior quality is ensured by high-precision German machines.


We offer competitive prices. Big orders get big discounts!


We offer assistance in making technical drawings and delivery arrangements.

TrumaBend V130

Hydraulic CNC Press

Laser Cutting at Gromov Centre

Laser cutting is a highly effective technology which uses computer directed high-power laser beam to cut metal sheet.

Laser cutting is widely used in metal working for its high productivity and excellent edge quality.  

Being a non-contact method with low heat output, laser cutting minimizes the damage to the material and eliminates the chances of its warping which is one of the main advantages of this cutting method.


лазерная резка металла

How it works? The cutting beam is formed with the help of electromagnetic field and carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules. It is highly powered and travelling through 12mm wide resonator it focuses all its power into a beam of only 0.15 mm in diameter. The high power density results in rapid heating, cutting metal at high speed with precision and perfect clean edging.

Laser cutting at Gromov Centre is carried out on CO2 laser system from a technology leader, Trumpf Company. Trumpf machines combine high-power emission, German accuracy and reliability, and low maintenance.

Having obvious advantages over other metal cutting technologies, laser cutting enables fast production based on technical drawings and flat patterns made in AutoCAD (DXF).

Laser cutting is cost efficient for production of single copies and small-batch production as there is no need in manufacturing costly cutting dies and casting forms. Automated cutting process enables a high level of accuracy and repeatability.

Carbon steel cutting in Gromov Centre is carried out by burning metal in presence of oxygen which produces additional power eliminating combustion products.

Aluminium, zinc steel and stainless steel are cut by blowing molten material away from the cut area with high-pressure nitrogen jet. Nitrogen prevents the formation of an oxide layer, leaving a bright burr-free edge that requires no further processing, which is a great advantage.

Laser cutting in Gromov Centre is carried out on CNC Trumpf TC L 3030 laser cutting machine.

Gromov Laser Cutting Centre specializes in sheet metal laser cutting and bending.

We operate on the best machines of the European technology leader, Trumpf Company (including laser cutting machines TC L 3030, 3050, Trumabend V130 Press Brake), which enable accurate and quality processing of single orders as well as mass production. With their high productivity we can meet any requirements and find the best solution for you as well as provide the required number of replicas with precision of 0.1 mm.

However, the tried-and-tested equipment is not the only key to achieving the best results. Our team of highly certified and qualified engineers ensures that your product is made to exact specifications. They have the expertise and experience to run all stages of manufacturing process from product design and development to making technical drawings and operating complex machines and systems.


Material Specifications:

  • Metal sheet thickness: 0.5-20 mm;
  • Types of metal: carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc steel, aluminium;
  • Working area (Metal sheet size): 1500x3000 mm;
  • Laser power: 3 kW/5 kW;
  • Tolerance: 0.1 mm


The geographic location range of Gromov Laser Cutting Centre 3 customers is as wide as the range of industries we serve our laser cut products to:

Dnepr – metal industry; rocket engine production; aircraft industry; aero generators; automotive industry; containers; agricultural machinery; tooling.

Krivoy Rog – iron and steel industry; automotive industry; mining processing industry; food industry; chemical industry.

Nikopol – iron industry; ferroalloy industry; pipe rolling.

Marganets – non-ferrous industry; telecommunications.

Mariupol – iron industry; textile industry.

Kropivnitskiy – automotive industry; food industry; mining industry.

Kharkov – automotive industry; power engineering; metal working; food industry; chemical industry;  tool engineering; electronics; medicine.

Zaporozhe – metal and non-ferrous industry; automotive industry; food industry.

Cherkassy – chemical industry; woodworking industry; food industry; automotive industry; printing industry.

Sumy – automotive industry; consumer goods industry; food industry.

We always welcome new customers and new challenges.

Order by email or call us for details.


Laser cutting machines

TrumpfTrumatic L3030 (Germany)

TrumpfTrumatic L3030 (Germany)


We can calculate the price after we have seen the design. Please, submit your drawings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and specify the needed quantity. Our engineers will assess and evaluate your requirements and will contact you.






We have ample experience in laser cutting metal parts for both personal projects and large-scale business needs. We have provided services to factory-farm enterprises and automotive industry as well as produced creative designs for small businesses.


To get your price calculation, submit your drawing or flat pattern in AutoCAD (in DXF, DWG format) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Make sure your file name contains:

  1. Factory part number
  2. Steel grade/type
  3. Steel thickness (mm)
  4. Quantity (pcs)

For example: 12345. st3. 10mm. 100pcs

Mind that special characters (quotation marks, brackets, dashes) and Cyrillic symbols are not allowed in file names.

Make sure your drawing is made in straight lines and maximum length arcs (polylines and splines are not allowed!)


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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